The Conference

The EuropIA Productions, The Netherlands Foundation for Design Research, University of Paris8, Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Defence Academy have joined forces to organize EuropIA12 International Conference on Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th March 2009. The venue of the conference is University of Paris8, Paris, France.



Innovations for Building and Construction

Towards a better, stronger and sustainable future using advanced ICT

Today’s building and construction (BC) industry is heavily looking for ways to change itself from a rather traditional into a more competitive and innovative branch of industry. A number of reform programmes have been initiated by national governments to facilitate this change such as the Rethinking programme in the UK, the Construction 21 (C21) programme in Singapore and the PSIBouw Programme in the Netherlands. Although the objectives of the different reform programmes show many more differences than commonalities, they all agree that the adoption of advanced information and communication (ICT) is a key enabler for achieving the long-term objectives of these programmes and thus providing the basis for a better, stronger and sustainable future for the BC industry. The term sustainability - in its environmental usage - is the current buzzword and refers to the conservation of the natural environment and resources for future generations. The application of sustainability in the BC industry is known as “Sustainable Construction” and refers to approaches such as Green Building, Sustainable Architecture and etcetera. The concept of sustainability in the BC industry has evolved over many years. In the early years, the focus was mainly on how to deal with the issue of increasingly scarce resources and on how to reduce the BC impact on the natural environment. It is now recognized that “sustainable” or “green” approaches should take into account the so-called triple bottom line of economic viability, social responsibility and environmental impact. In other words: the sustainable solutions need to be socially equitable, economically viable and environmentally sound.


EuropIA12 conference is focusing on how the application of advanced ICT can address the long-term ambitions of the BC industry in order to change itself into a competitive and innovative branch of industry. In addition, the conference is also focusing on how advanced ICT can provide solutions for the increasing demand from society for more sustainable BC products.


Call for Papers

The aim of EuropIA international conferences is to promote the advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) and effective application of ICT for the building and construction industry. The conference themes include but are not limited to the following topics:

Process and product modelling, design solutions and ICT, virtualization of design and construction, eCommunity for design and construction, collaborative life cycle management, eCollaboration for design and construction, components for control of works and repositories of design and construction, design and construction project and portfolio management, design and construction eRegulations, design and construction community driven developments and standards, design and construction best practices, design and construction recycling disposal, building components, elements and performance, building performances energy efficiency, sustainable design and construction systems, embedded and smart systems for design and construction, living building documents, human-machine interfaces for design and construction, intelligent buildings, living building concept, augmented reality for design and construction

design and construction information environments, role of ICT and master builders (IT Master Builders), data expandability for design and construction, ontology knowledge models, green data centres for design and construction, green information systems and green systems thinking.


Conference Workshop

Papers can also be submitted to the special workshop of the conference Green Computing in Building and Construction. “Green Computing” is the application of sustainability in computing, which focuses on the research and practice of using computing resources efficiently and effectively. Many international corporations support this type of research. The main objective of this research is to develop new products and services for corporations and their clients in order to reduce their “data-centered” energy consumption, often referred to as “Green Data Centres”. In addition, Green Computing also refers to approaches and subjects such as Green Energy, Virtualization, electronic waste management et cetera. The members of the organization committee would like to invite researchers to send a paper related to Green Computing in BC.

All papers submitted will be peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers selected from the EuropIA12 International Scientific Committee. This will ensure the selection of the highest quality papers, making EuropIA12 a platform for the exchange of ideas regarding the application of advanced technologies to architecture, civil engineering and urban planning.



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