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Collection Cognition



Khaldoun Zreik


Khaldoun Zreik


Common Innovation in e-Learning, Machine Learning and Humanoid

6th International Conferences on Human System Learning: ICHSL.6
IEEE - France Section

Edited by:
Saïd Tazi, Khaldoun Zreik

ISBN 978-2-909285-46-4
155 pages - 50 euros
© 2008 europia Productions


Session Machine-Learning 1
A Qualitative Approach for an Intelligent Possibilistic Web Information Retrieval using Multiagent System
Bilel Elayeb, Fabrice Evrard, Montaceur Zaghdoud, Mohamed Ben Ahmed

Spatial decision support in the pedagogical area. From travel stories to geocoded itineraries
Pierre Loustau, Thierry Nodenot, Mauro Gaio

Arabic documents classification using N-gram
Majed Sanan, Mahmoud Rammal, Khaldoun Zreik

A Closer Look at Tracking Human & Computer Interactions in Web-Based Communications
Madeth May, Sébastien George, Patrick Prévôt

Session E-learning 1

How can knowledge capitalization help young teachers' professional insertion ? A new approach of teachers' long-life training
Thierry Condamines

What is Teaching? Cognitive-Based Tutoring Principles for the Design of a Learning Environment 49
Philippe Dessus, Sonia Mandin, Virginie Zampa

An analytical framework for the study of teachers’ pedagogical errors
France Boutin, Laetitia Marquié

The Emergence of Knowledge in the Secrecy of our Collections
Francis Rousseaux, Alain Bonardi, Benjamin Roadley

Session E-learning 2

Ontology and E-Learning: a good marriage
Francesco Colace, Massimo De Santo, Matteo Gaeta

ActiveTutor: towards more adaptive features in an e-learning framework
Jean-Pierre Fournier, Jeau-Paul Sansonnet

An Operationnalization of the Connections between e-Learning and Knowledge Management: the MEMORAe Approach
Marie-Hélène Abel, Adeline Leblanc

Learning like Humans do: from Examples and Self-Generated Experiences
Victor Uc Cetina

The Robinson Program - An interdisciplinary Robotic Program for Academic Pre-Academic Education
Sabina Jeschke, Lars Knipping, Marcus Liebhardt, Fabian Müller, Olivier Pfeiffer, Ursula Vollmer, Marc Wilke, Xin Yan

Session Machine-Learning 2

Methodology for defining e-services for knowledge management using Platform: example of instrumental e-learning .
Noel Conruyt, Olivier Sebastien, David Grosser

A decision-making process to produce adaptive feedback in learning environments for professional domains .
Dima Mufti Alchawafa, Vanda Luengo

Machine Learning and Intention Recognition systems with self-Knowledge
Hassan Kanso, Elhore Ali, Chantal Soulé-Dupuy, Tazi Said

The Learners Switching System Based on the Multicriteria Assessment
Adil Haddi, Mohammed Ramdani, Mostafa Bellafkih


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